DRAFT of a bill to shelter gun shows, shooting ranges and shooting matches from liability, intended for the 2009 Montana Legislative session.

New Section 1.  Title.  Immunity of persons and organizations involved in gun shows, shooting ranges and shooting matches.

New Section 2.  Declaration of purpose.  The legislature declares that persons attending gun shows, shooting ranges and shooting matches do so voluntarily and voluntarily accept whatever risk may be associated with that attendance except for gross negligence by the operators of those events.

New Section 3.  Definitions.

1.  A gun show is an organized and occasional community event, open to the public for free or for a reasonable cost of admission, that is advertised or known as a gun show, at which firearms are offered for display, for sale or for trade, and at which those hosting the event make reasonable efforts to assure that loaded firearms are not displayed or handled.  A gun show includes a flea market or street sale at which firearms are present for display, sale or trade, but does not include a commercial establishment that regularly sells or trades firearms throughout the year.

2.  A shooting range is a location designated for firing firearms that utilizes posted safety rules and procedures.

3.  A shooting match is an organized contest or organized practice among three or more persons using firearms, announced in advanced, using announced safety rules, with one or more officials designated to supervise safety practices, done in a location with the permission of the property owner, and intended to test the skill of participants using firearms.

4.  For the purpose of [this section], a firearm activity includes a gun show, a shooting range or a shooting match.

New Section 4.  Immunity of persons and organizations organizing a firearm activity. A person or organization that organizes a firearms activity, or a volunteer assisting with a firearm activity, and who is not employed by a governmental entity is not liable for the conduct, acts, or omissions of others handling firearms unless the person or organization exhibits gross negligence giving rise to causation of the damages.

New Section 5.  Standard severability clause.

New Section 6.  Immediate effective date.